"How do you match the paint on my car?"

Our Lechler water based paint system comes complete with a book that can help us to locate where the paint code is and what it is on the car. Once we have the code we enter this into the computer under the appropriate manufacturers make and model and year if necessary. This then tells us exactly how much of each colour in grams we need to match. Once we have mixed the paint we offer it up to the car to make sure it is a match. The paint system will offer different variations but usually the standard mix is a perfect match 9 times out of ten. If it doesn't match we will mix a different variation.

"How do you match my alloy wheels? "

We carry five different alloy wheel silvers from extra fine through to course. One of these is usually a perfect match. Again we will offer up the silver paint to the existing paint or match it using a pre painted tester card.

"is your work guaranteed?"

" Yes, We guarantee our work for as long as you keep the car.

"I am returning my lease car and need to know what is accptable ware and tear on my car , as i have a scratch on the bumper.

"Basically if the scratch is over 25mm it is not acceptable wear and tear". For more info please go to the BVRLA web site on the links page.

"I have recently visited your website and was wondering if you undertake minor paint work such as colour coding mouldings, handles etc. I have a vw golf mk 5 and wish to get the two handles, two front bumper mouldings and four door mouldings painted and hope you could give me a quote to do this work."

" yes we can colour code door handles and rub strips to match the colour of your car. We can also repair scratches to plastic mouldings and match the original texture and colour of them to restore the plastic to as new again condition."

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